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Audio Music Score

Speak the Music!
Audio Music Score is music notation heard, not seen. Accessible, affordable and easy to learn and use.

Audio music description is a pathway to accessible score. Using this method removes the barrier a visually impaired or reading disabled musician can have without the use of expensive complex technology, bulky Braille sheets or extensive learning of a new method. It is an inclusive standard music notation language for all musicians, with or without reading abilities.

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Notation should not be confused with music itself and music should not be limited by notation. Printed music notation is a highly visually language using symbols to interpret the score. Audio music description provides a common language without need of print or Braille for those with blindness, visual impairment and reading disabilities to learn the song and to communicate with other musicians who do use print notation.

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The No-C-Notes method has been in use for 35 years, removing the barrier of visual impairment or reading disability in notation. The sheet music notation is converted to an audio file that can be played on any media player, verbally defined along with the music played. It provides those with visual and reading disabilities the same sheet music, but in the hearing not visual sense.

Audio Music Score is dedicated to accessibility for the musician and educator using standard Western music notation. View and listen to the two example videos on the right of this screen. Register for a free account for a No-C-Notes mini instruction. Order a PDF sheet music to be converted to audio and text. Training and private lessons are also available. Check out the Resources page for helpful websites and tips. Keep up with the Blog for personal experiences and tips.

Free lessons and audio score with your account.

Register for a free Audio Music Score account to access free No-C-Notes mini lesson, chord definitions and audio described sheet music at My Account

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Speak the Music!

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