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Resources listed on this page are free. Reference to commercial or non-commercial products or services does not constitute or imply its endorsement or recommendation in any way.

Chords and Scales

Screen Readers

  • ChromeVox and ChromeVis Google ChromeVox is a Google Chrome screen reader extension for visually impaired users. Google ChromeVis is a Google Chrome extension that magnifies any selected text on a webpage.
  • Microsoft Edge Immersive Reader simplifies web page layouts, removes clutter, and helps you customize your reading experience in Windows 10 and Windows 11. There are also many amazing learning and accessibility tools within Microsoft Edge Immersive Reader that can help improve reading comprehension and enhance learning. Immersive Reader was originally designed to meet the needs of readers with dyslexia and dysgraphia.
  • NVDA The NVDA screen reader can be downloaded free of charge for PCs running Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and later.
  • Spoken Content It allows your Mac, iPhone or iPad to read aloud text in word processing programs, websites, PDFs, and even ebooks in different ebook readers.

Sheet Music

  • has around 790,000 tunes free to use. In addition to the text based abcnotation, the tunes are also available in midi and xml.
  • was launched in 2000 and offers free access to 170696 pieces of music : 334632 PDF, 144824 MP3  33600 MIDI, many of them free.
  • MuseScore still has some free sheet music available with a free account.
  • Mutopia Project 2124 pieces of music – free to download, modify, print, copy, distribute, perform, and record – all in the Public Domain or under Creative Commons licenses, in PDF, MIDI, file formats.


  • Audiveris Turn your PDF sheet music into a digital xml file that can be uploaded in music notation software and edited before submitting for a No-C-Notes audio transcription.
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