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How can I learn the No-C-Notes method?

Free No-C-Notes Mini Lesson

Create a free account and you will find the audio No-C-Notes Mini Lesson to use whenever you wish.

No-C-Notes The Basics and Lead Notes

No-C-Notes audio music description has been in use for thirty-five years as an easy to learn spoken note description method. Every Audio Music Score account has access to the No-C-Notes Mini Lesson. For the complete with sheet music examples. No-C-Notes The Basics video and Lead Notes audiobook is available with an Audio Music Score Subscription.

Print Music Notation to Audio

Notation that can be transcribed

1 staff, treble or bass clef, standard music notation.
1 staff, treble or bass clef, with chords: lead sheet.
2 staff, treble or/and bass clef staves, standard music notation – can include chords.
Can include dynamics, articulations, and fingerings.
Standard western music notation is a 5 line staff, with note heads for notes and standard rest symbols.

Notation that cannot be transcribed

Handwritten sheet music.
Older sheet music might not be able to scan to transcribe.
Percussion sheet music.
Fret chords.
Slash or rhythmic notation.
Lyrics and other narratives.

Do you have PDF print sheet music available?

Audio Music Score provides No-C-Notes audio music transcription service to convert Western sheet music in PDF file format into audio download MP3s format. You will need your own PDF sheet music to convert. We do not sell sheet music or previously transcribed sheet music. If custom conversion or scanning is needed, this is available through our consulting service.

There are online companies that sell sheet music in PDF only format. These work best with our process. Check our Resources page for websites that offer free sheet music.

Upload PDF or XML requirements

Recommended PDF properties

If you scan to create a PDF: Select PDF as an image file format. When you have finished scanning all the pages of the score, save and name the PDF file the Title. When scanning sheet music to create a PDF file to submit for transcription, scan at 300 – 400 dpi in grayscale, if using Apple’s Image Capture, select Black & White.

Hand-written music and lead sheets are not well-recognized by our process and will not be transcribed. Older sheet music might not have recognizable print for the scanner to convert to a PDF font, check your PDF for clean lines and text and PDF embedded type fonts.

Other file types, such as .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .tiff, cannot be used with our process.


“Clean” .xml files will be accepted with the PDF file of a song. It is assumed the .xml file was created to be a finished complete representation of the PDF sheet music and no editing is needed to correct notation before transcription is needed. Uncompressed .xml files will have the best accuracy. To ensure accuracy, an XML file cannot be submitted without a PDF.

What type of audio files will be converted from my PDF sheet music?

PDF to music MP3

This will be available to you with one or three MP3 files. One staff music will have one MP3 file of music and audio description. Two staff sheet music will have three MP3 files: right hand for top staff MP3, left hand for bottom staff MP3 and all music, both hands MP3.

PDF to No-C-Notes audio music description

Two to five MP3 download files depending on whether it is one staff or two staff sheet music and a text file. The music notation is read verbally in the No-C-Notes audio music description method as an MP3 download playable on any MP3 player. No-C-Notes includes the music in the MP3 tracks with a text file of the spoken No-C-Notes description that can be used in any text or screen reader.

Is this a software or app to install it on my PC, tablet or other device?

Every transcription order placed is produced by Audio Music Score within 72 hours. You will receive a zip file with audio tracks. Our goal to have the No-C-Notes transcriptions as an online web based service in the future.

Order Details

My PDF sheet music is more than 5 pages, what do I do?

Each upload order maximum is 5 pages of sheet music notation. Be sure you are uploading only sheet music and not including any title pages or narration. If the PDF music score exceeds 5 pages, upload your first five pages and add to the Cart. Select the catalog item again for the next up to 5 pages and so on.

When are my audio files available?

You will receive an email message within 72 hours that your MP3 files are available for download within your account. Click the link and to download to your preferred device.

What type of digital file are they?

All No-C-Notes audio described score MP3 tracks and text file are in a zip file to download. Depending on the amount of notation in the song, the zip file can be anywhere from half a megabyte to over 120 megabytes. The audio files can be played on any MP3 media player.

Time limit on stored files.

Files are stored for 30 days after a transcription. Please download them before this period as they will be deleted without recovery after 30 days.

Audio transcribed score has errors.

There are missing or incorrect notes in my audio files. What do I do?

Let us know how we can help you through our Contact Us page. Provide the order number, music title and what needs to be updated. Be sure to do this before the 30 day file storage limit. No-C-Notes reads the sheet music as it is printed. If the printed sheet music publisher made errors, we do not correct them.

Errors due to PDF and XML submitted

We first review your PDF or xml file submitted to be transcribed that it is in a format that can be processed. If they are not, the order will be cancelled, a refund issued, and no transcription will be attempted.

How to cancel or return my order?

Return or Refund

Please refer to our short but sweet return and refund policy. We aim to please and provide a quality transcription and training service.

Can I sell or share my No-C-Notes produced audio score and text?

Reproduction of No-C-Notes

No-C-Notes is a registered trademark method. No reproduction of this audio music description method may be used without a licensing agreement from Christina A. Cotruvo, LLC.

Sharing or Selling of works

We don’t mess around with copyright music in print or audio. No-C-Notes transcription can NOT be shared or sold. If you wish to sell the work, contact the music copyright and publisher and have them contact us for a licensing agreement. Please review our Terms of Use and contact us with any questions or concerns.

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